Starting the Spring Semester (2013)

Winter Break for 2012

I haven’t posted anything here since the end of the last semester mostly because very little related to my college experience has happened. The break itself was rather mixed, good and bad.

Included among the good, my erstwhile in-laws took us to Cancun, Mexico for a week to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I’d never been to Mexico before and quite enjoyed it. The experience helped me solidify my choice for a foreign language requirement (Spanish, obviously) and I’m resolved that the next time I go back I’ll be able to speak the language as more than a mumbled “¬°gracias.”

Study Buddy Bella

Bella sleeping on my backpack.

The bad really comes down to the death of my long-time feline companion, Bella. She was my little study buddy kitty and would often hang out on my desk, or even in my lap as I worked at the computer in my office. I included her in some small way in at least one project per quarter since I first started college two years ago. I will miss her greatly, although I console myself as I can with the knowledge that she had a great life. She certainly couldn’t have been any more spoiled and that I did gladly.

The rest of the break was mostly spent working on private projects, trying to secure a campus job (mostly meaning ‘wait until the semester starts back up’), and just relaxing a bit. I spent a few days arranging my class schedule – full time this semester – ordered all my books, took care of financial arrangements and got ready to start back this week.

It can’t be that easy, can it?

So naturally I came down with a rather nasty stomach virus on Sunday, the day before my classes were to start. I had been out over the weekend with one of my sweeties, but she had started showing symptoms of illness on Saturday morning, followed by the conformational vomiting on Saturday evening. (Did I mention this was our anniversary weekend?) We decided to make the best of things and just spend some quiet time together … mostly her sleeping and me playing Civilization, although we did watch a few episodes of Twin Peaks. When I got home on Sunday, I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom as soon as I got in the door for my own “conformation” of the symptoms I’d been trying to ignore on the way home.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon. I slept most of the remainder of Sunday and almost all day Monday, eating very little and aching quite a lot. Today, I had just enough energy to take a shower. I do feel better, but I am drained¬†and thought better of leaving the house. At least I’m eating regularly again, although I haven’t had coffee since Sunday morning … quite a statement when you understand I usually drink a pot a day!

I contacted all of my professors, letting them know the situation and asking for directions on materials I should review. Luckily as it was the first day of class, there was very little I actually missed. (Although I’m still loathe to miss any class!) I’m planning on being in class tomorrow, although I may still be hurting a bit. At least I’m far past the contagious stage!

Classes this semester:

  • ART 102 – Introduction to 2D Design (part of my Web Design minor)
  • CSCI 245 – Assembly Language Programming
  • ENG 167 – Introduction to Literature
  • MATH 112 – College Algebra II (I decided I should probably get a refresher before attempting Calculus!)